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Ge Jinhong of the Yangzi sheet metal: the good thing is no one

2018/03/13 11:35

      This is a "construction machinery technology and management" exclusive to the Chinese engineering machinery brand network feeds, for reprint please indicate the source and author, howstuffworks.com! Yangzhou, known as "the hometown of sheet metal", has gathered many sheet metal manufacturing enterprises. The local sheet metal talents resources are quite rich. Yangzhou Yangzi sheet metal manufacturing Co., Ltd. is built, developed and expanded on this land. From a workshop factory in 1998 to a number of manufacturers of construction machinery cab, Yangzi sheet metal manufacturing Co., Ltd. has increased at least twice a year, and sales in 2010 has been nearly 500 million yuan. 500 million yuan may be a very small number for the host plant, but it is not a small scale for enterprises to do sheet metal parts. At present, the domestic brand excavators are basically cooperating with the Yangzi sheet metal, and many foreign brands of the host plant also procured the products of the Yangzi sheet metal. Among them, the excavators produced by the 31 machine are more than half the cab of the Yangzi sheet metal, which can be seen in the field of the cab. Why do they get such a high degree of market recognition? The reporter recently interviewed Ge Jinhong, chairman of Yangzhou Yangzi sheet metal manufacturing Co., Ltd., hoping to explore the reason for it.

Ge Jinhong, chairman of Yangzhou Yangzi sheet metal manufacturing Co., Ltd.



   The way from the village enterprise came witness domestic engineering machinery rise

  The sheet metal manufacturing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yangtze plate") was founded in 1998, is a former village enterprises, is the beginning of the cab do liberation truck "leap forward", then the new bus cab sub Yangtze bus tour supporting depot. Since 2000, they aim at the engineering machinery industry and have devoted part of their effort to transfer production to produce the cab of engineering machinery.
  At that time, the domestic construction machinery market in addition to foreign brands loader basic engineering machinery as the leading domestic share is relatively small, can supporting the production of cab of domestic enterprises is less and less, to reduce the cost of domestic brands into the Yangtze plate to enter the market a good opportunity. Based on the market survey, the Yangzi sheet metal is started from the loader's cab and is also used as a part of the excavator and tractor. Because of the lack of awareness and the manufacturing experience of the construction machinery cab, the host plant is more skeptical and wait-and-see. But after a period of communication and unremitting efforts, with the help of technical experience accumulated in the field of bus industry, their products were quickly recognized by the market. Later, along with the continuous growth and development of China's construction machinery market, China's local construction machinery enterprises continue to make progress. The trend of domestic alternative import is more and more obvious. Yangtze sheet metal is constantly adjusting business strategy in this process, and production and sales volume has been innovating repeatedly. During the loader market overcapacity and "price war" started, resulting in the cab of loaders manufacturers have to follow the host plant with lower prices, market competition is more and more confused, so late as the Yangtze sheet metal gradually withdrew from the loader's cab cab to concern the market, such as excavators, crawler cranes, mine car the added value of products, these products are relatively high.
  The sheet metal into engineering machinery industry in the more than 10 years is the rapid development of Chinese engineering machinery industry during the period, many products such as loaders, cranes, concrete machinery has completely realized the domestic import substitution, 2010 has accounted for the entire domestic excavator excavator market share of about 30%, this year's market share is close to 40%. Through their unremitting efforts, with the help of previous technical experience accumulated in the field bus, their products have achieved high degree of market acceptance, already has 31, Xu Wa, Shandong Zhongyou (mountain reconstruction machine), Luoyang one enterprise supporting, and later with the world, long work, sunward (002097, shares), JCB and many other well-known enterprises to cooperate. At present, Yangtze sheet metal has become a professional cab specializing in the production of engineering machinery cab, sheet metal, excavator counterweight, aircraft tractor, mining truck, port machinery and other special cab, and has professional experience in developing sheet metal mold and body manufacturing experience.
    The reasons for the rapid development of decryption: the good product is the way to survive
  The sales of Yangzi sheet metal is at least doubled every year, and the growth rate is amazing. According to Ge, this year, it will definitely exceed 500 million and is likely to achieve close to 600 million sales. Why can the products of the Yangzi sheet metal be affirmed by the customers? Ge gave the following 
  First of all, always pay attention to the quality of the product. While the sales volume is rising, the production process and production equipment are gradually improved and the process structure is optimized to improve the quality. The Yangzi sheet metal has taken the lead in the certification and strict implementation of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system in the industry, and the implementation of information management and 6S management. When it comes to the importance of product quality in Yangtze sheet metal industry, GE said firmly: "product quality is the foundation for enterprises to survive, and good things will not be unwanted." This sentence makes the press impression most deeply, so take this as the title of this article.
Second, accurate positioning. The product positioning sheet from three aspects: one is the positioning of product design, product positioning is aimed at the Yangtze sheet metal cab international most advanced, learn from their advantages according to their own situation to optimize, to ensure no infringement case with the host plant requirements related to the production of products is two; located in the manufacturing process, the sheet metal is the demands of the production in car cab manufacturing engineering machinery, strength and appearance in the cab on a lot of effort, so their new products into the market soon after you get to the host plant of the pro Lai; three is the price positioning, their products are affordable that is only less than half of foreign brands.
Fourth, Yangzhou is the "township of sheet metal", with the advantage of talent. Yangtze sheet metal management team and technology team are very well aware of the engineering machinery cab. For the construction machinery industry with no specific cab standards, the experience of Yangtze sheet metal in the bus field has obvious advantages. In addition, bold use of human resources is a major feature of Yangzi sheet metal. The selection and promotion of talents is mainly based on ability, without regard for age or education. There are many backbone members in Yangzi sheet metal design team who are "post-80s".
Fifth, constantly improve the product. Whether it is customer feedback, customer service service, or by participating in various exhibitions or activities of the exchange of learning, using a variety of channels to obtain the latest product information, explore the development trend of the cab, and then use their professional R & D team on these trends are analyzed, finally the feasible idea that they passed to the host plant. "Only the initiative to lead the development of the industry, can always be in the leading position." Mr. Ge said it. So far, the cab of the Yangzi sheet metal production has applied for nearly 20 patents.
Construction machinery cab: no best, only better
When the Yangtze plate into diamond engineering machinery industry, cab and foreign products in the domestic gap in performance and appearance are very large, at that time the domestic basically some small workshop manual, also did not carry out large-scale production through the mold. Because of the high degree of mechanization of foreign products, their products are far ahead in both appearance and performance. But after years of efforts, the gap is narrowing. A number of excellent construction machinery cab manufacturing enterprises have emerged. Yangtze sheet metal is the outstanding representative of domestic cab manufacturing enterprises. At present, our domestic cab production automation is also very high, the quality of products is constantly improving. And because of the price advantage we have, the cost performance of the product is even higher. This competitive power has attracted many foreign brand manufacturers to choose the domestic cab matching.
When talking about the future trend of the construction machinery cab industry, Ge Zong said: "there is no best, only better!" It must be constantly improved and innovating in the process of use. " General Ge said the future trend of the main performance, appearance and safety: on the performance of the increasingly high demand, domestic products imported brands to reach basic level; the appearance is more concise and practical, and rich personality; safety will be more and more attention, such as the structure is mainly on the thin plate before, now are the special-shaped steel pipe on the human body, can play a better protective effect.
As the construction machinery industry main cab supplier, the Yangtze is planning to gradually expand production capacity of sheet metal reserves will increase by 20% in the year to plan on the basis of the next year, is expected to maintain 20% year in 12th Five-Year during the period of growth, to 2015 reached 12-15 billion in sales. At present, the Yangzi sheet metal current staff of more than 1200 people, the maximum capacity can reach 150 units per day, the annual capacity can reach more than 40 thousand. They now have three factories, and recently annexed a state-owned enterprise that produces chemical fertilizers. Next, we will strive to revitalize their assets as soon as possible, especially for building new factories to expand production capacity.  The sharpness and confidence of the Yangtze sheetmetal can be seen as the industry adjusts its capacity to expand its capacity.
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