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Application of machining parts in sheet metal workshop

2018/03/13 14:22
The processing steps of the sheet metal workshops are as follows: the pre product test, the product processing test and the production of the product batch. In the process of processing the product, we should communicate with the customers in time, and get the evaluation of the corresponding processing, and then make the production of the product in batch.
Laser drilling technology is the first practical laser technology in the laser material processing technology. Sheet metal workshop is generally used in laser pulse laser, high energy density, short time, small holes can be processed 1 m, especially suitable for machining holes with a certain angle and thinner materials, also suitable for processing the high strength and hardness or brittle soft material parts of the deep hole and small hole.
The laser can realize the drilling of gas turbine combustor parts, and the drilling effect can realize the three-dimensional direction, and the number can reach thousands. The materials that can be perforated include stainless steel, nickel chromium iron alloy and Hass Tero based (HASTELLOY) based alloy. The laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of the material, so it is easier to realize automation.
In the development of laser drilling technology, realizes the automation operation of the laser cutting machine, used in the sheet metal industry above changes the traditional processing method of sheet metal technology, realize unmanned operation, greatly improving the production efficiency, to achieve full automatic operation, sheet metal led to the development of economy, enhance the effect in drilling a grade, the processing effect was significant.
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