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The impact of the excavator cab on the performance and safety of the excavator

2018/03/13 14:29
The good or bad of the excavator cab affects the performance and safety of the excavator. It is not only the working place of the driver, but also an important part of the whole car. The general driving room of the excavator includes the window, the door, the cockpit and so on. There are several kinds of excavator cab, such as high top, short top and sharp head. Excavator cab is one of the most important parts of excavator. Its design will directly affect the performance and safety of the excavator.
The excavator cab -- the excavator cab should provide comfortable driving conditions for occupants to cope with the drivers' convenient working conditions, and protect them from vibration, noise, waste gas and bad weather. Some structural measures and equipment on the driving room of the excavator also help to drive safely and reduce the consequences of the accident.
The excavator cab should ensure that the excavator has a reasonable external shape. When excavator driving, it can effectively guide the surrounding airflow, so as to reduce air resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, the excavator cab should also help to improve the driving stability of the excavator and improve the cooling conditions of the engine, and ensure the good ventilation inside the body.
Excavator cab is a comprehensive art of exquisite, with its clear sculpture, elegant decoration and interior decoration materials and coating pleasing colors make sense of beauty, with people's living environment.
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