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The basic idea of the design of the excavator cab

2018/03/13 14:28
The basic idea of excavator cab design, excavator cab design is the basic idea of room simulation frame and provided to the excavator cab signal circuit, through the self-made harness connection, the excavator cab signal feedback to the detector display, excavator cab signal board, excavator cab internal electrical equipment, and through this part of the excavator cab circuit is normal reaction. Next, tell you about the basic idea of the design of the excavator cab.
The tester and maintenance personnel can make static and dynamic testing conveniently through this instrument. Combined with the electrical schematic diagram of the relevant vehicle, the electrical fault of the excavator cab can be eliminated in time. The detector requires DC power supply, but in the process of design and manufacture, the space and fixed position in the main control box can be set up, and the regulated power supply can be installed according to need, so that the instrument is suitable for different locations, and improves the mobility and flexibility of the device. The instrument is equipped with two phase total power switch, and there is a main power switch on the line (located outside the instrument main control box). After the switch is switched on, it can start to use the detector. A main power switch is also installed on the handheld control box. The switch can control the power relay in the main control box of the detector. When we start detecting the wiring harness of the excavator cab, we only need to operate the switch. The circuit also has a circuit breaker to ensure the safety of the circuit. The end of the circuit breaker is divided into the road, and the main control box of the detector is supplied. The main part of the detector is connected with the wire harness of the driving chamber.
First, connect the wiring harness of the controller. The wiring harness is made up of the root line. It is mainly to feedback the electrical signal after the driving device of the excavator to the corresponding signal light on the control box to indicate whether there is any fault point.
The front part is connected to the wire harness, and the corresponding harness can be replaced according to the different models in the use of the wiring harness. Nowadays, wiring harness has been integrated by improvement. When used, it doesn't need to change the front wiring harness frequently because of the change of vehicle types. It can not only reduce the detection time, but also increase the service life of the detector.
This is our basic idea to tell the related knowledge of design of excavator cab, hope to be able to help you, you want to learn more knowledge of the excavator cab can continue to pay attention to our website, can also contact us, we will for all issues related to answer the excavator cab.
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